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Tool Talk Radio: 9.11.2021

Allan and Brandon get into a conversation about the changing seasons and few steps you should be taking now to keep everything in good working order. Then, they launch into making your house more pet friendly. Better protection for them and less work in the long run for you.

Tool Talk Radio: 9.4.2021

Joe and and Allan start out with the shrinking size of heavy equipment and how much fun it is to operate. They ease over to the safety and power needs of impending decorations and enjoying shopping for the season. Then they talk about all the old technology that might be hanging around your home orContinue reading “Tool Talk Radio: 9.4.2021”

Tool Talk Radio: 8.28.2021

Joe and Allan kick things off with tales of backyard landscaping and blueberry bushes. Can you imagine not having a tape measure? 3D printers are moving into everything. The guys wind up with some weather preparation advice.

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