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Tool Talk Radio: 5.27.2023: Toilets, Scary Playground Equipment, and Memorial Day

Joe and Allan get things rolling with a bit of fun with pallets. Not all pallets are created equal. Allan’s Week was all about the theme of broken handles on toilets. Next, the guys reminisce about the scary playground equipment from the 20th century. They wrap up with the design and building of the National…

Tool Talk Radio: 5.20.2023: Roofing, Batteries, & Mile High Buildings

Joe and Allan get an education on roofing materials by Jay Hill from Big M Roofing and Joe Denton from GAF Manufacturing. Allan then talks about improvements in L.E.D. and battery technologies. They all wrap up with the challenges for the proposed Tokyo Sky Mile Tower.

Tool Talk Radio: 5.13.2023 Tool Quick Hacks and Expanding Foam

Joe and Allan kick off the show with tool tales that involve lots of quick hacks to get things done. Allan has cautionary tales about decorating drain covers and the possible outcomes you won’t like. Joe reports that he managed to break his reciprocating saw while chopping up a tree stump. The Motherland Calls statue…

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