Allan Gilbreath

Allan Gilbreath has spent most of his life on the business end of a hammer and screwdriver. Racking up decades of experience with renovations, demolitions, reclamations, plant operations, maintenance, and safety programs. He has worked with a wide variety of companies, building types, and clients.  Allan enjoys the challenge of figuring out the issue and fixing it right the first time. He is an accomplished skeptic, cook, gardener, computer geek, martial artist, and avid student of arcane knowledge.  Allan is also a nationally recognized and award-winning author, publisher, speaker, and instructor. He has appeared on television, stage, movies, radio, web/podcast, and tours the country in live appearances. He is a co-host of the geek culture talk radio show Geek Tank Radio and MFCF Radio and is the host of The Cooking Today Show.

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