Tool Talk Radio: 9.25.2021

Joe and Allan salute the automatic garage door opener. Then, they dive into the 2021 Lexus Design Award and the winning skylight that makes fresh drinkable water. Next, it is time to find out just how white can a paint really get and could it help cool your house. Max starts a conversation about theContinue reading “Tool Talk Radio: 9.25.2021”

Tool Talk Radio: 9.18.2021

Joe and Allan are broadcasting on location from the 33rd Cooper-Young Festival in the heart of Memphis, TN. The guys start out with a brief history of the “A” frame ladder. Next, they get into the topic of project flexibility which leads into “everything old is new again” as they discuss the changes taking placeContinue reading “Tool Talk Radio: 9.18.2021”

Tool Talk Radio: 9.4.2021

Joe and and Allan start out with the shrinking size of heavy equipment and how much fun it is to operate. They ease over to the safety and power needs of impending decorations and enjoying shopping for the season. Then they talk about all the old technology that might be hanging around your home orContinue reading “Tool Talk Radio: 9.4.2021”

Tool Talk Radio: 7.31.2021

Joe and Allan salute the lawnmower and get into a bit of the history of lawns and lawn care. They get into the importance of the Industrial Arts and working with your hands before they are joined by Katie Clark from K. Clark Homes and they explore what is like to be a builder inContinue reading “Tool Talk Radio: 7.31.2021”