Tool Talk Radio: 5.14.2022: On Location at the Rabies and Vaccination Extravaganza

Joe and Allan are on location at Bartlett Animal Services for their Rabies and Vaccination Extravaganza. The guys start out with a salute to the fence. Do good fences make for better neighbors? Just what are you trying to keep in and what are you trying to keep out? Then, the Casita by Boxabl is an energy-efficient, low maintenance 375-square-foot prefab house promoted by Elon Musk. It is delivered on the back of a semi-truck and craned in place. The roughly 20×20-foot cube is move-in ready within hours. Would you live in one? Joe and Allan have a few cautionary tales about overheating electrically powered tools. Jay the Dog Catcher jumps in with the guys and fills them in on the event. They wrap up with the evolution of cutting, from saws to cnc machines.

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